Exotic flowers bloom in Loei Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Exotic flowers bloom in Loei

Exotic flowers bloom in Loei Thailand Travel GuideThe cool, dry climate of Loei’s Phu Rua District in Northeast Thailand is ideal for growing exotic flowers such as African violets, hydrangeas, petunias and phlox. The annual Flower Festival, held in the grounds in front of Phu Rua District Office, features the best from Phu Rua’s commercial gardens and nurseries. It runs from December 29 to January 1. Nearby attractions include the Highland Agricultural Research Station, where many cool-climate fruits and vegetables are grown; the flower nursery at Suan Namfone and the Phu Rua Flower Centre, which supplies some of the best anthuriums to Bangkok florists. For details, call (042) 899-004 or (042) 899-123.

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Success in Amphawa Samut Songkram Thailand Travel Guide

Success in Amphawa Samut Songkram Thailand Travel GuideThe Homestay project at Plaipongphang village in Samut Songkram’s Amphawa District will be three years old on December 30. The project cab be considered a success for the local community, according to Thawat Boonpat, who heads the Plaipongphang Homestay Project. The village welcomed more than 30,000 visitors during the past three years, most of them Thai tourists. From just three houses a few years ago, the village has expanded to make room for over 28, all of which are participating in the project. The area is well-provided with rural culture, attractions and temples for visitors to spend a lovely and relaxing weekend. For details, contact Thawat Boonpat at (01) 403-7907

Sukhothai Exhibition Sukhothai Thailand Travel Guide

Sukhothai Exhibition Sukhothai Thailand Travel GuideThe Ramkhamhaeng National Museum in Sukhothai is holding an exhibition of calendars that were first used during the reign of King Lithai in 1348 AD. The calendars reveal how the signs of the Zodiac were adopted based on the eastern system of astronomy of determining the years. Also on show is an inscription of blessings found at Wat Phra Sadet in Sukhothai, while each Zodiac is represented by precious objects and ceramics. The exhibition will run until February 12 at Ramkhamkaeng National Museum. For details, call (055) 697-367